Omega is coming!

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We are excited to announce the start of Omega's development!

Omega is a new paradigm digital bank designed to provide free banking services globally and democratise access to a vast number of financial products, such credit cards, loans, savings, insurance and other by leveraging the Bank-as-a-Platform model.

The key Omega’s elements and products are:

  • Free multi-currency borderless accounts with debit cards that allow to spend and withdraw money globally at the best available FX rates.
  • Free banking, social and online payments within a single solution.
  • Low-rate Credit Cards suitable for people with different credit history. Cost-free spending abroad. Global cashback and rewards programmes.
  • Omega Marketplace - multiple third-party financial products available on demand
  • Omega’s fair Loyalty programme - Each customer is Premium for us! The loyalty programme relies on the gamification principle, which will grant customers benefits and advantages based on their real account activity, and make each account truly individual!

Here at Omega, we strongly believe in the idea of putting customers’ interests first, in contrast to the legacy banks and financial conglomerates, which offer customers a place in the queue instead of queuing themselves for each customer!  Therefore, we are founding Omega on these three fundamental values:

  • Omega, as a Bank-as-a-Platform, is creating a unified international digital banking infrastructure with the overriding objective of providing borderless financial services and remittances around the world.
  • Free multi-currency basic banking, payments, and money transfers globally.
  • A vast selection of affordable financial products provided through centralised competitive environment of the Omega Marketplace with the best interests of the end-customers in mind.

Stay tuned! 📢 In the near future we will post a series of articles detailing Omega’s vision, solutions, and features as well as  Omega Beta that is scheduled to be released in Q4 2019.

We are pleased to welcome you to our exciting and innovative adventure under the flag of a global digital revolution in the banking industry!

Your sincerely,
Omega Team

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